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Integrated Smart Parking


Bhopal is expanding on a large basis in the current scenario and the reason for it is the increasing population in the city. Where there is population there comes traffic and increase in population results in increased number of vehicles, Bhopal smart city has come up with the solutions for this problem of congestion due to on street parking. Parking space has been allotted in the places where there is a lot of rush, these places include New Market, Bairagarh market, MP Nagar etc. These parking spaces involve many features like Parking violation detection, availability of parking space through booking on web portal, smart meters, etc. All the vehicles that are parked in parking spaces are monitored via surveillance cameras, which are integrated with control and command center. This project will create an impact on the people with integrated smart parking solutions which enables quick, faster accessibility with single space detection, parking guidance on real-time and allow guests to reserve the parking slot. In addition, it also improves traffic flow within the parking lot with efficient design.


Benefits of Multilevel Smart Parking are:-


  • Clear, simple directions & ease in parking reduces road accidents (effective design and signage for ease of parking, reducing chances of accidents)
  • Parking violation detection on real time basis
  • Delights users by saving time, effort & cost
  • Real time update of entry & exit of vehicle thus improves occupancy levels
  • Less parking search time reduces carbon emission and controls pollution.


We request you to share your views and feedback on this new initiative and help us suggesting the areas where “Integrated Multilevel Parking” should be established.

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dheer singh
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This is very good initiative by bhopal smart city development company.
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This is the very good initiative by bhopal smart city and this was a great achievement for bhopal that it is the first smart parking of india. Great work smart city bhopal.i hope it will be going like this in future also, keep it up.
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I think it should be work in other areas of bhopal also like ashoka garden, arera colony, indrapuri, old bhopal.
I think i would be work
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"Dear Users,

Thank you for providing your valuable suggestions/inputs! Your views and suggestions have been recorded."
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Praveen Suryavanshi
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Good But Banned All Road Parking
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Rajeev Tiwari
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Ye halat hi bhopal ke 11 no. iswar nagar ki. Safai me to bhopal last me bhi nhi hona chahiye. Road to registan ki banai gayi hi. Balki indore ko MP ki rajdhani honi chahiye. Foregners ate hi yaha aur india ko kitna ganda bol ke jate hi. Mujhe sharm ati hi ki india jise sone ki chidiya kaha jata tha uska aaj aisa hal hi
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