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Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited has established an Incubation Center named ‘B-Nest’ with a vision to encourage entrepreneurship amongst the youth. The incubation center provides a 24*7 co-working facility for startup’s with all kinds of technological, legal, marketing, and financial mentoring support. Incubation center holds significant importance in India where entrepreneurs are launching new setups and changing the game of business by minutes. Better planning, service execution, expert monitoring, funding, networking and office space are the key features of B-Nest. The incubation center helps incubators with all these key features. B-Nest has the capacity to house 50 start-ups out of which 30 start-ups are already on board which were shortlisted through a selection process in phased wise manner. Initial focus of B-Nest is among the following key sectors like Agriculture, Fintech, Information Technology, Manufacturing and IOT solution, Citizen Surveillance and Waste Management. B-Nest is an innovation house for budding start-ups in the city which will get best of the infrastructure and services to help execute and promote their business ideas and turn start-ups into multinational organizations. For more information kindly visit the website:

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This is what every government firm must do, this will definitely help New talents and their ideas to build up and eventually bring out something productive.
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This initiative is very helpful for incubators

Thank you smart city
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Amazing place for new talent , new initiative for start-up through incubation centre. Our government is going great job.
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dheer singh
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Good Luck Smart city Bhopal.
this initiative will help for new startups and students of bhopal to do some creative and provide market access.
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Know All
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this will increase business entrepreneurs in the city. which will help in building a better Bhopal.
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Bhopal Smart City provide a good platform to entrepreneur to establish there start-up. They have played a significant role in promoting entrepreneur's to grow there startups by providing office space, internet and other important facility which Startups needs.
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Alfaz Khan
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How can i submit my idea
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Dear user,

You can register your idea on B-nest official website. For more information visit
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Dear Users,

Thank you for providing your valuable suggestions/inputs! Your views and suggestions have been recorded.
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