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Adaptive Re-Use of Heritage Buildings

Bhopal with its rich cultural heritage is in the process of transforming into a Modern Capital supplemented by better urban lifestyle, better environment, physical, social and economic upliftment of Urban Poor.


Bhopal’s beautiful topography, scenery combined with good governance, has led the city to be rated as one of the most livable and happiest cities. The city seems to have high potential for tourism and is capable of developing an environment conducive to business growth which will enable Bhopal to be a front-runner in the next economic wave that will be fueled by different programs such as Smart City Mission, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan etc.  


Currently Bhopal Smart City is working on the Four Heritage Conservation Projects, Moti Mehal, Sadar Manzil, Gauhar Mehal, Teen Maohre Gate with the following Adaptive re-use of Heritage Buildings objectives:-


  • Preservation of the historic sites of Bhopal.
  • Environment Friendly with adoption to no demolition and reconstruction.
  • Use of Original Materials resulting in Cost Saving.
  • Adaptive re-use of heritage buildings not only helps in restoring the building, but it also helps in improving the surrounding area socially and economically.
  • Generating large scale employment of the local people in form of laborers, gate keepers, guides, taxi drivers, performing artists, etc.
  • Improving the tourism potential of the area.
  • Increase in the Revenue Generation aspects around these areas in the form of Shops etc.
  • The Project can be adopted in PPP mode for operations and maintenance.


We request you to provide us your suggestions and feedback on adaptive re-use of the following heritage sites: Moti Mehal, Sadar Manzil, Gauhar Mehal and Teen Maohre Gate.  We look forward to your views and suggestions in this regard.

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dheer singh
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Good Initiative for preserve our heritage
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Shadab Khan
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all efforts are fantastic
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Nisha Khapre
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Wao so nice
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Rameez khan
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Impressive smartcity
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Jeetu Pawar
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Good work
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suraj magre
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Appreciative movement
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lucky Bagde
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Good to see these steps in bhopal
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